What is the MEDISOL® high power LED?

The MEDISOL high power LED represents a real advancement in photodynamic therapy and in anti-aging photomodulation. The innovative technology of the LED «Light Emitting Diode» brings a safe and effective alternative to long and invasive surgical methods. Nicknamed «skin fitness» in the United States, the LED is a revolution in anti-aging and in the treatment of many skin problems; including scarring, stretch marks, acne, and some types of skin cancers.

How does the MEDISOL® work?

The MEDISOL® high power LED emits a monochromatic light, which penetrates tissue and aids in the skin repair process. Applications vary depending on the color of light being emitted. For example, orange light is best used for skin rejuvenation, as it stimulates the production of collagen. Each condition corresponds to a specific treatment that will lead to the best results and maximum effectiveness.

Acne Treatment

Acne can be treated with the blue and red light. The blue light will act on the porphyrins of the bacterium, P.acnes, and will destroy them. The red light will penetrate, in sufficient depth, to reach the sebaceous glands, in order to have an anti-inflammatory effect. Acne scars can also be reduced thanks to this adapted treatment with the MEDISOL.

Scars and burns

The MEDISOL will accelerate and improve the healing process, therefore minimizing the appearance of any ungraceful scars. Benefits can also be visible on burns, irritations and inflammation. Finally, the MEDISOL also offers a soothing effect on targeted pains.

Anti-Aging Photobiomodulation

Indeed, the MEDISOL LED allows for simultaneous anti-aging action, thanks to photobiomodulation. This stimulates nucleogenesis and cell renewal.

Stretch Marks

The MEDISOL LED treatment offers a significant improvement in lesions: decrease of depth and pleated appearance, plus repigmentation. For the treatment of stretch marks, it is highly recommended to prepare the skin with a « derma-roller » to achieve a superficial abrasion.


The MEDISOL LED Lamp, in combination with mesotherapy, is an effective method to treat alopecia in both men and women. The goal is to prevent the catagen phase, during which point the hair follicle dies and falls out. The combination of the treatments will stop the hair from falling out and will make it possible for hair regrowth plus increased hair density.

Skin Care Supplement

The MEDISOL strengthens the effectiveness of some cosmetic procedures and reduces downtime after treatments. The action of the MEDISOL also helps to treat post-inflammatory erythemas.

Photodynamic Therapy

Photodynamic therapy (PDT) involves applying a photosensitising substance on the skin, before exposing the skin to blue or red LEDs. The activation of the photosensitising substance thus causes the targeted destruction of the tissues that have absorbed it.

Treatment Prices

LED 15 Minutes £30.00
LED 30 Minutes £40.00
LED 45 Minutes £50.00

Frequently Asked Questions

> What happens during a session with the high-power LED?

The LED lamp is placed just a few centimeters from the face or treatment area, which should be well cleansed. The duration of the session, the intensity and the color of the light will vary depending on the treatment.

> What are the advantages of the LED compared to other skin treatments?

Unlike laser or other more invasive treatments, no special precautions need to be taken. There is no risk of exposure to the sun. The energy delivered only causes a slight redness that disappears after a few hours. You will be able to resume with normal activities immediately after the session.

> How many sessions with the MEDISOL® are necessary?

We recommend one session per week for four to six weeks, then one session per month for four months. This frequency is of course indicative and may vary depending on the treatment.

> How long does it take to see results?

The first effects are visible after six to eight sessions. The skin changes are progressive and continue several months after the treatment, as collagen is formed.

> Is it painful?

No, the treatment is painless. There is only a sensation of warmth.