BB Day Spa | Massages

Aromatherapy Massage - 60mins


A blend of essential oils is mixed exclusively for you in this full body massage. This gentle, soothing massage is designed to ease tension, relieve stress and give you a feeling of inner peace and tranquillity.

Swedish Full Body Massage - 60mins


A massage technique involving a mixture of firm but relaxing strokes leaving the skin and muscles invigorated but relaxed. It stimulates the circulation, boosts the immune system, improves muscle tone and encourages toxins to be expelled from the body.

Anti Stress Massage - 60mins


This is ideal for relieving daily tension. The Anti-Stress massage can reduce muscular tensions through low-frequency stimulation producing a sensation of perfect calm.

Energising Massage - 60mins


Over tired by mental exhaustion, Energizing massage will help you by rubbing away the physical signs of stress and releasing tension from muscles. The firmer, faster strokes invigorate both mind and body in the same way that waking up to a cold shower will.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage - 60mins


Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is an advanced massage technique which encourage the lymph fluid to flow more freely around the body. The light and rhythmical strokes induces deep relaxation. 

Pregnancy Massage - 60mins


Specifically tailored for the expectant mothers proven to reduce stress, decrease swelling in the arms and legs and relieve aches and pains in muscles and joints.

Deep Tissue Massage - 60mins


Deep Tissue massage is designed to relieve severe tension in the muscle and the connective tissue. This type of massage focuses on the muscles located below the surface of the top muscles.

Aromatherapy Scalp Massage - 30mins


A therapeutic massage that can help to release stress and tension, improving sleep and stimulating and improving hair growth and quality.

Back / Neck / Shoulder Massage - 30mins


Tense shoulder and neck muscles deserve a massage. Ease all tension from your back, neck and shoulders leaving you feeling relaxed and de-stressed.

Tired Leg and Foot Massage - 30mins


A soothing foot and leg massage relieves muscle tension and improves your blood circulation, which in turn leaves your feet less painful and tired and you relaxed and calm, ready to face another day.

Hot Lava Shell Massages

Relieve the deepest aches and pains, stress and tension with this revolutionary and unique method which uses the natural benefits of heated Tiger Clam Shells from the Tropics. The smooth shells are expertly glided over the body with varying pressures, techniques and precision by the therapist tailored to meet your particular needs.

Hot Lava Full Body - 90mins


Hot Lava Relax - 60mins


Hot Lava Core Strength - 40mins


A complete treatment of the back and tummy areas to improve core stability and strength. Ideal for anyone suffering with minor back ache this treatment uses the heated shells to massage the tummy and mid to lower back areas working as a natural colonic and relaxant to achieve total body alignment.

Hot Lava Back Treatment - 30mins


For an intensive back, neck and shoulder treatment this deep tissue massage uses heated shells to achieve a firm deep pressure and treat deep rooted muscle problems. The radiating heat from the shells releases tension and leaves you feeling instantly stress free and rejuvenated.

Hot Lava Tummy Treatment - 15mins


The natural colonic and  ideal for anyone suffering from IBS and bloating. The combination of soothing heat and gentle massage stimulates the body’s natural systems to effectively eliminate toxins and reduce bloating.

Body Scrubs

Full Body Scrub 30mins £45.00
Back Scrub + Massage 60mins £80.00
Body Scrub + Massage 90mins £110.00

Thalion Wraps

This cutting-edge cosmetics from the sea is a comprehensive slimming programme to help you reshape your body and trim down your figure.

Marine Slimming, Firming & Remineralising Wrap - 60mins (per area) £120.00

This 3 action wrap is the go-to treatment for guaranteed results. The body is generously exfoliated and covered in Laminaria seaweed from Brittany, famous for their slimming power. Minerals and trace ele- ments boost the body’s combustion mechanism resulting in a visibly slimmer figure. The areas treated are left looking slimmer and firmer after just one. Recommended alongside a course of VelaShape to achieve optimum results.

Slimming Express  - 30mins (per area) £60.00

This innovative treatment offers an immediate slimming answer and visible results in only 1 session. Thanks to its double action - exfoliating and slimming - the silhouette is re-sculpted in 30 minutes flat.

Cellucontour - 60mins (per area) £120.00

This intensive anti-cellulite treatment is made of a tonic scrub, a made-to-measure anti-cellulite massage followed with a serum and a hot-cold mask to visibly redefine contours right from the first treatment. The skin is left firmer and areas of concern are much more contoured. Recommended alongside a course of VelaShape to achieve optimum results.

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