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Pigmented Lesions

Sunspots | Age spots | Freckles

Pigments in the skin are caused by ageing, sun exposure and environmental factors. These can all come together to create freckles, age spots and discoloured patches. The laser is attracted to the melanin that the pigment is made up of. It will emit a light which passes harmlessly through the top layers of the skin, once hitting the pigment it will convert into heat and it is then absorbed by the pigment which causes the particles to disperse. These particles are then removed by the body and are flushed out through the lymphatic system. On average you could require around 2-5 sessions, depending on skin type, area and size of pigment.

Pigmented Lesions Treatment Price List

   Example Per Session
Extra small area (finger tip size) 1-2 spots From: £75
Small area (Half palm size) Cheekbones / Cluster of spots From: £175
Medium area (palm size) Cheeks / Forehead From: £295
Large area (2 palm sizes) Full face / Tops of shoulders From: £395
Extra large (3 palm sizes or more) Chest – Full Back From: £495-£695

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